AET officially released 172 "LED curved home theater screen!!

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AET officially released 172 "LED curved home theater screen!!

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On July 19, the first day of InfoComm China 2023, AET as one of the China’s leading LED movie screen manufacture, officially released its Hollywood DCI-P3 172-inch LED curved home theater screen.



Brand New Home Theater Experience with AET


As one of the first company in China to successfully been certified by the Hollywood Digital Cinema Institution for its LED movie screen, AET has extensive experience and advantages.


The 172 "LED curved home theater product released yesterday during InfoComm China has following characteristics:

  • 172 "super large screen;
  • Curved immersion screen;
  • 4K UHD with AETs new display architecture; 
  • DCI certified cinema screen standard.



AET's 172-inch LED home theater is a product that integrates the latest LED direct display technologies to provide stunning viewing effect for customers who has higher demands for their home theater experience. 



Since the focal plane is formed by focusing the spherical lens of the convex lens of the human lens, the display effect of a curved screen with appropriate curvature is closer to the real scene seen by the human eye than that of a flat screen.


AET 172-inch LED curved home theater screen adopts 16 degree arc surface which naturally fits the arc of human vision to achieve the ultimate visual experience.



In April this year, the flagship product of the fifth generation of AET’s display architecture was officially unveiled during ISLE 2023 and won the Innovation Award in the 10th China LED First Award ceremony. The 172-inch LED curved home theater released this time is equipped with the fifth generation of AET display architecture and cinema-grade 4K (4096×2160) standard resolution.



AET is the first LED display enterprise in China with 2K and 4K 10-meter LED cinema screens certified by Hollywood Digital Cinema Institution. AET has exclusive experience and advantages in several areas such as viewing experience, information security, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. 


The new 172 "LED curved home theater screen offers the following features to create the ultimate home theater experience:

  • 48nits Ultra low brightness
  • DCI-P3 Ultra Wide color gamut
  • 50,000:1 Ultra high contrast ratio
  • ≥3840Hz Refresh rate, etc.



Smart Home Theater System by AET


From the perspective of application scenarios, AET combines acoustic and optical processing with special design to create an comprehensive home theater solution with immersive audio + visual effect.




AET 172" LED curved home theater screen with Dolby Atmos 19.4-channel immersive movie sound system with HIFI theater speakers.


Unlike traditional cinema screens such as projection, LED displays are able to show movie details without turning off the lights or shutting off the curtains and windows. Based on this factor, lighting and display can be perfect match with AET's customation.


In addition, AET 172-inch home theater screen also supports conference mode for easy access of working from home with the ultimate visual effect in 4K resolution.


Compared to infrared TV remote control, AET 172-inch LED curved home theater is equipped with a minimalist, smart-control one-button system. This system is linking audio, lighting, LED display and other theater equipment together for easy operation with four smart-control modes: APP,  Applet, Panel knob and Voice control.


With the official release of the AET 172-inch LED home theater screen, the ultimate viewing experience is about to be upgrade the home theater market. 




InfoComm China 2023, Beijing

Booth: EC5-01






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