LED Rental Displays

QC series has all the features of rental LED products, alternative choice of AET's QR Series. QC Series is easy to maintain, quick locks for simple installation, rotation lock for special occasions, high contrast ratio and high refresh rate for great visuals, and so much more.
  • QR
    Superior Visual Image
    True detail comes to life through true colors. Superior color purity over conventional LEDs, producing natural colors for an inspiring visual experience.
  • QR
    Integrated Design For Easy Maintenance
    The integrated backbone kit design ensures onsite quick replacing in case the failure of power supply or receiving card or hub card, which can save the time for live events.
  • QR
    Flexible Set Up Options
    Support stacking, hanging and curving installations, QR led panels offer flexible solutions for both rental and fixed applications. With its concave and convex set up to reach an immersive experience.
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    Fast and Easy Set-up
    The smart locking system ensures an efficient installation by one person.
  • QR
    Fast Module Replacement
    With its magnetic front design, modules can be took out by a simple push from the rear side.
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    Intelligent Module Design
    The calibration data can be stored on IM, when replacing module, do not need to read the data from receiving card, simple and convenient

Key Features

HDR Technology
High Refresh Rate
High Brightness

High Brightness

Great Contrast Ratio
Great Contrast Ratio
 Front and Real Access
Front and Rear Access
Intelligent Module Design
Intelligent Module Design
Pixel Pitch
Indoor:2.6mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm
Outdoor: 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm


QC Series
  Indoor Outdoor
Pixel Pitch 2.6 3.9 4.8 2.9 3.9 4.8
LED Type SMD 2121 SMD 2020 SMD 2020 SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 2020
Pixel Density(pixels/m²) 147,456 65,536 43,264 112,896 65,536 43,264
Module Resolution(W*H) 96*96 64*64 52*52 84*84 64*64 52*52
Cabinet Resolution(W*H)-500mm*500mm 192*192 128*128 104*104 168*168 128*128 104*104
Cabinet Resolution(W*H)-500mm*1000mm 192*384 128*256 104*208 168*336 128*256 104*208
Module Size(W*H,mm) 250*250
Cabinet Size(W*H,mm) 500*500/500*1000
Arrangement 2*2/2*4
Weight(KG/Cabinet) 7KG/14KG 7.5KG/15KG
Curved Angle Support -6°, -3°, 0°, +3°, +6°
Brightness(nit) 600-800 4000 4500
Contrast Ratio 5000:01:00
Viewing Angle(H/V,°) 140°/140° 160°/160°
Max Power Consumption ≤680 ≤1000 ≤800
Average Power Consumption ≤230 ≤400 ≤380
Input Power Voltage AC110-220V, 50/60 (Hz)
Drive Mode Constant Current Drive
Frame Rate ≥60
Refresh Rate 3840
Grey Scale Processing 14
Operating Temp/Humidity (-20--70,10--92%) (-40--70,10--92%)
Storage Temp/Humidity (-25--85,10--92%) (-45--85,10--92%)
IP Rating IP34 IP65
Life Span,typ. 100,000
Servcing Front/Rear

Application Fields

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