Offering visual technologies to the mission-critical applications, AET Professional LED solutions portfolio not only offers video walls (from pixel pitch 0.9mm to 2.5mm) but also software and cloud management systems to bring together all necessary content from a large number of different sources into one system while ensuring optimum security. Our solutions span the complete landscape, including public security, emergency control and command centers, smart city management centers, broadcast and conference hall, meeting room and TV studio, shopping mall and education.

TV Studio
TV Studio industry acting like a bridge to connect the viewers to the world by delivering all sorts of information. AET's LED display solutions for TV studios enhances the quality of visual effects with our KOALA series, so the viewers could explore the diverse and beautiful world no matter where they are.
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Control Room
The control room belongs to the field of professional display. In the security center, the government control room command center, or the university security room and so on, it is very important to ensure the safety of various environments. High-performance LED displays with superior visibility, mission-critical design and redundant power supply provide reliable monitoring and campus properties. To provide optimal tactical and logistical support, command and control centers need access to real-time visual analysis to improve clarity and understanding. And our products can do signal power double backup, to ensure the work of LED display.
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Shopping Mall
Application solutions for shopping mall: public utilities, exhibition halls, retail chain, brand owners, mainly for pharmacies, gas stations, 4S stores, supermarkets. especially for all kinds of film & TV entertainment theme parks, Commercial complex: commercial real estate, casinos, etc. And our product IMIRA was born out of that.
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The digital transformation is changing the higher education. In order to create a strong impression, refine the student experience, to promote student identification, universities are modernizing their facilities or building new facilities with amenities and technological upgrades to support the students' experience.
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Meeting Room
A meeting room is needed in any industry, company and organization. According to market statistics, there are more than 100 million conference rooms in the world, of which China has the largest number of conference rooms. In the next ten or even twenty years, the demand for LED displays in this field will also increase with the development of the technology industry. The size of a single LCD display used in traditional conferences is too small, and the seams of LCD splicing screens are too small. Excessive size will affect the appearance, which means that the small-pitch LED display has a huge incremental market.
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Conference Hall
AET’s Smart Conference Display Series includes all-in-one LED conference display and touchable handwriting 43”to 186”LED conference display. Through integrating conference control systems and security systems, AET Smart Conference Display Series can tailor-make LED solutions for all sizes of meetings.
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Big Event
AET's LED display solutions are capable of helping customers create unforgettable public events with large audience with the ultimate visual experience. Rental product use for stage, especially live events, a huge screen can unlock the limitation of the viewing distance as well as the site being used for the events.
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The LED display with rich color, high definition and powerful visual impact is quickly becoming the new favor of major radio & television stations. The broadcasting & TV display system, especially the production-level and broadcast-level display products, have the strictest requirements for display. Vivid and dynamic display solutions are critical technologies to help with the enhancement of the viewer’s experiences.
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