QCOB Technology From AET Displays Limited

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QCOB Technology From AET Displays Limited

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Report Card Of QCOB Technology

Moisture- Resistance

The self-developed multi-layer board coating packaging technology is used to fill the gaps between LED beads and other components with nano-materials.The ultra-high transparent nano-materials can help to reach high protection level IP65 against moisture.

Anti-dust and Anti-haze Protection

Integrated packaging was done by semiconductor automation equipment, and the screen surface is optically treated with special technology. All of these helps to prevent dust and haze intrusion.

Anti-static and antioxidant Surface

Waterproof, dust prevention, anti-static and oxidation resistance can be achieved by multi-layered safety protection.

Anti-collision and Anti-vibration

In order to “resist” the possible potential hazards might be done to the LED beads, the new optical thermal conductive material is being used in packaging through special process to prevent collision and vibration.

High Salt-fog and High Altitude Environment

The use of qcob products in plateau, coastal and other regional environments has proved that through multi-layer safety protection, qcob products can adapt to more harsh environments.

High in Reliability and Deformation Resistance

Nano-materials with ultra-high transparency and super thermal conductivity are being used in the process. Solidified through special process at high temperature. This ensure its stability and reliability as the panel will not  warping and deform under high/low temperature.

Anti-blue ray and UV Resistance

QCOB adopts the exclusive Black crystal process to coat and improve multi-layer nano materials to form an area light source. The light is softer and more suitable for human eyes to watch for a long time.

Ultra-smooth Surface without Graininess

Evenness of the module surface is ensured by AET’s self upgraded panel technology and the advanced grinding technology during the automation process.

High in Thermal Conductivity with Excellent Heat Dissipation

QCOB adopts high-quality epoxy resin material with super thermal conductivity, which can quickly dissipate heat. Combined with light&thin cabinet with automobile grade painting process to ensure efficient heat dissipation and to prolongs the service life of the screen.

Easy to Clean with Damped Cloth

QCOB adopts the optimal panel technology in MiniLED industry, which improves its performance to a whole new level. As a result, the surface is waterproof and wear-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

Flat Surface Viewing and Ultra-wide Viewing Angle

Pixelated viewing upgraded to flat surface viewing by QCOB panel. It solved some traditional problems such as light fading and light glaring. Viewing angle maximized to 160 degrees to ensure a comfortable visual experience at all angles.

Wide Color Gamut with Immersive Experience

QCOB has wide color gamut, color can be presented more naturally, so that it can show more details of different colors as a result. Delicate and realistic visual images are obtained under different brightness levels to ensure better immersive experience. 

Splicing with Precision

QCOB products have excellent versatility and practicality. Flatness and consistency of each layer is ensured to achieve better splicing ability. Thermal expansion rate is lower and flatness is higher in QCOB panels.

Supporting Touch Screen Function

QCOB panels supports touch screen function as the display surface are optimized to its best smoothness due to AET’s exclusive technology.

Huge Size, Micro LED

Based on the self-developed patented packaging process of AET, we can produce “Huge Size” modules with pixel pitch below P1.0mm with uniformed flatness. AET can produce smaller sized module with easier matched optics. It makes the upgrading and iteration of visual technology so much easier in the future. 


AET QR Series Shines at Turkey
AET QR Series Shines at Turkey's 100th National Day Celebration
In a dazzling display of unity and pride, Turkey marked its 100th National Day with a celebration that will be remembered for generations. At the heart of this historic event was the stunning AET QR Series LED displays, casting a radiant light over the festivities and setting the stage for a momentous day.     Turkey's centennial celebration was a testament to a hundred years of independence and progress. This momentous occasion required a display solution that was visually striking, versatile, and efficient, and AET Display Limited rose to the challenge.   The AET's QR Series played a pivotal role at Turkey's National Day celebration. It seamlessly incorporated various features that made it stand out. Quick and easy assembly saved valuable time during event preparations. QR Series product is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental scenarios, proved to be the ideal choice for this grand celebration.       AET's QR Series doesn't just deliver a stunning display; it unlocks limitless potential for events and celebrations. It was on full display at Turkey's 100th National Day celebration, turning a historic event into an extraordinary experience. AET is honored to have been a part of this historic moment, adding its touch of brilliance to the occasion.     For those who demand excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future, AET is the partner of choice. The QR Series LED displays exemplify the remarkable technology that AET offers, and they are just one facet of the outstanding visual experiences created by this pioneering company.     AET Displays Limited remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences, and it eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys ahead and its participation in many more historic celebrations worldwide.    

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