Why Chose AET Standardized Control Structure 3.0 LED Displays

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Why Chose AET Standardized Control Structure 3.0 LED Displays

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Over the passed 20 years, LED display technology has been developed from Mini LEDs to Micro LEDs, being used from half-indoor and half-outdoor applications to fully indoor applications. Except better and much more brilliant visual and displaying effect, what our customers prefer?

  • An energy saving LED screen?
  • An easy and fast installing & maintenance?
  • A long term life warranty?

Anything Else?

A Simple and standardized screen size comes out from hundreds of different pitches and no wasting time on headached decision making. 


In order to push forward the leapfrog development of the LED display industry, AET’s has been disruptively innovated on three key factors which are standardized size, resolution and control system. These three key components are the cores of AET’s standardized structure 3.0.

AET’s new generation of standardized structure 3.0 for LED display panel are playing strong competitiveness in overcoming the following challenges to  lower power consumption, lower failure rate, quick and fast installation, and even low cost on maintenance. These features brings new momentum into our customer service and brand upgrade.


Lower power consumption is achieved by highly integrated IC, smart power supply and dynamic energy saving.

  • Highly integrated IC scheme

Row/Column unite driving mode is achieved by AET’s unique integrated IC scheme. With the same performance, the driver IC can carry more pixels, requiring fewer ICs and reducing power consumption accordingly.

  • Lower usage temperature

Through the more sophisticated AET power management and intelligent regulation of current transmission, heat generation of the LED screen is lower, therefore, the power consumption is reduced.

  • Standby Function

Lower power consumption is achieved by its ability to switch the LED display to standby function automatically once the software is being turned off.

  • Common Cathode Technology

Different from the traditional common anode scheme, AET’s common cathode scheme precisely sets the current to R,G,B LED beads independently, which has obvious advantages in accurate transmission, energy saving and consumption reduction.

  • Fast Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation design has always been one of AET’s focus. Better heat dissipation is improved in two ways. One is sufficient internal space of the cabinet, which is created by different schemes such as highly integrated system, higher loading capacity, less cables,etc. Another way to reduce the heat dissipation is to use the special material and coating as well as the grid-designed back panel.

  • Smart Adjustment

AET’s power supply can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environmental changes and the duration of the LED display being used. This smart power adjustment can lower the power consumption in order to achieve longer lifespan.



Lower Failure Rate

  • Cable Reduction

Integrated power board and adjustable connector are used to replace the complicated cable arrangement, which greatly reduces the failure rate caused by incorrect cable connection.

  • Reduction of Faulty Pins

The connecting pins are minimized from 1600+ to 300+ for the 3.0 control structure. The reduction of failure rate is caused by less number of connecting pins being used.

  • Dual Voltage for Better Performance

Compared with the traditional common anode scheme, the common cathode scheme adopts dual voltage power supply, which has better performance in power and signal transmission and lower failure rate.

  • Intelligent Detection

The core control IC chip independently developed and designed by AET is able to intelligently analyze the working data and the origin of the abnormality of LED beads through scientific algorithms.

  • Patented technology DCP Brightness Calibration

With AET’s patented technology DCO(Dual Chanel Process) brightness calibration technology, AET brings brightness calibration of en eye looking environment not only for the higher brightness at 255 level, but also fot the lower brightness at i bit. This technology ensures the consistency of color brightness, perfectly presenting the greyscale of 16 bits even if the brightness is as low as 48 nits.



Easier Installation and Maintenance

  • Ultra thin designed cabinet

The industrial aesthetics designed cabinet is highly integrated with only 28mm in thickness. Light in weight, so it can be carried by a one hand. Combined with magnetic modules, for easy and fast installation.

  • Simplified Fault Analysis Process

Modular LED display by AET shorten the time of the troubleshooting and reduced the difficulty of maintenance relatively. Compared to the troubleshooting and analyze for traditional LED display due to unknown reasons, which takes a lot of time and effort.

  • Adjustable Connector

The adjustable connector can be adjusted in X, Y, Z dimensions to ensure flatness of the screen. The transmission is safer and more stable.

  • High Protection and Easy Maintenance

We want to achieve lower failure rate for our LED displays. In order to do that, AET adopted the exclusive BOB packaging process. This process shied the LED beads and components from water and dust by using multi-layer nano coating. After the process, the LED screen has higher IP protection with easy cleaning options.


AET will transform your business and allow you to experience the new level of creativity with our following product series:

  • Standardized “inch” LED Video Wall AT series with QCOB packaging;
  • NX series with total flip chip (COB packaging);
  • High- end rental product- QR series ( Indoor and Outdoor use with multiple pixel pitches);
  • Golden aspect ratio modules for quick and easy upgrades.



AET QR Series Shines at Turkey
AET QR Series Shines at Turkey's 100th National Day Celebration
In a dazzling display of unity and pride, Turkey marked its 100th National Day with a celebration that will be remembered for generations. At the heart of this historic event was the stunning AET QR Series LED displays, casting a radiant light over the festivities and setting the stage for a momentous day.     Turkey's centennial celebration was a testament to a hundred years of independence and progress. This momentous occasion required a display solution that was visually striking, versatile, and efficient, and AET Display Limited rose to the challenge.   The AET's QR Series played a pivotal role at Turkey's National Day celebration. It seamlessly incorporated various features that made it stand out. Quick and easy assembly saved valuable time during event preparations. QR Series product is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental scenarios, proved to be the ideal choice for this grand celebration.       AET's QR Series doesn't just deliver a stunning display; it unlocks limitless potential for events and celebrations. It was on full display at Turkey's 100th National Day celebration, turning a historic event into an extraordinary experience. AET is honored to have been a part of this historic moment, adding its touch of brilliance to the occasion.     For those who demand excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future, AET is the partner of choice. The QR Series LED displays exemplify the remarkable technology that AET offers, and they are just one facet of the outstanding visual experiences created by this pioneering company.     AET Displays Limited remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences, and it eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys ahead and its participation in many more historic celebrations worldwide.    

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