Making films without Limitation

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Making films without Limitation

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If I talk about 3D movie, most people know about Avatar —— 3D and CG movie, the anaglyphic movie which was directed by James Cameron, and shown in theatres on Dec. 16, 2009 in North America Countries.


So it's been 13 long years since the first Avatar movie was relased, and passed through nearly 3-year global COVID affecting, now finally, after years of waiting, Avatar 2 is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2022.


Firstly let's preview 3D history in each gap year what had happend;


The first anaglyphic movie is produced.


The first anaglyphic movie is shown in theatres (The Power of Love).


The first color 3D movie is produced.


The first Russian 3D movie, Robinson Crusoe, is produced.


Touted as the world's first feature-length 3D movie, Bwana Devil is released

in the USA and heralds a short-lived boom in 3D movie production.


Two ground-breaking 3D movies are released: Man in the Dark and House of Wax.

The latter is the first 3D movie released with stereo sound, and is directed by

André De Toth—who has only one eye.


The 3-D Follies becomes the first 3D film to be cancelled during production,

ignalling the end of the 3D boom.


September Storm is the first anaglyphic movie released in the Cinemascope format

(although technically it's just an expanded non-anamorphic film).


Comin at Ya! is released in anaglyphic format using the "over and under" process

(where two views are printted on a single frame, one above the other). This film

launches the 3D boom of the 1980s that includes Amityville 3-D, Friday the

13th Part III and Jaws 3-D.


James Cameron's film Avatar, shot with the Fusion Camera System he helped develop,

is hailed as the best 3D film to date and helps push 3D towards the mainstream.


The world's first dedicated 3D television channel, South Korea's SKY 3D, launches

with side-by-side 1920x1080i resolution.


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) features prototype 3D televisions from most major manufacturers.

Partial text quoted from original:


You can see that 3D comes to family users year by year. While is there any challenge for 3D films making caused by COVID or anyting else enviromental effects? The answer is "NO".


Limitless Films Making Trend

XR is one of the trendiest and most recent flavours of Virtual Reality, especially when combined with LED display video walls, that provide alternatives to traditional chroma keying. Recent vitural productions have taken advantage of this technology, and broadcasters are increasingly using it for live shows.


Extended Reality (XR), defined as the combination of real and virtual environments. Filmmaking industry, Digital filmmakers, or Digital media producers, incorporate the use of LEDs, lighting, real-life photographs, camera angles, and many other factors to create something that appears to be 3D. XR is best way to capture scenes and helps to film in a real-world setting, which takes out the factors of weather, recreating backgrounds, and other time-related tasks by simply being generated and displayed using computer software.

In the last 2 years of research and technolgoy develop, AET sticks to typical broadcast and film content production to make films production things simpler. Finally on Novemeber 3th, 2022, we lauched the 2K、4K 10meters cinema screen with DCI-P3 standard.


DCI-P3 Standard 

When using AET's LED displays DCI-P3 Chroma set as vitural production background/floor, the camera captures the combined image of the background rendering and the characters, and achieves a given true-to-life result at the same time. DCI-P3 color gamut has greater advantages especailly  in restoring 4K HDR film and more accurate color restoration.

*DCI-P3, sometimes casually referred to as P3 or Display P3, stands for Digital Cinema Initiatives - Protocol 3 and is a color space, or set of colors, created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer (SMPTE) in an attempt to standardize the colors used in the film industry.

(color space comparison bettwen DCI-P3, sRGB, Adobe RGB or any other -- dictated by its triangle on the CIE 1931 XY Chromaticity Diagram)


DCI-P3 vs sRGB  

DCI-P3 offers a greater range of colors than sRGB offers. Because of the additional colors they afford compared to sRGB monitors, monitors that can portray the DCI-P3 color space are getting increasingly common, and even screens geared toward content made in sRGB are gaining DCI-P3 support, offering images that look extra saturated with color.

(Image credit: Apple)


Clearly refined visuals

Except allowing you to enjoy the extra colors HDR content can possess. DCI-P3 can use 16bit color compared to sRGB's 8-bit, which is essential for HDR without banding and clearly. High fresh rate ≥ 3840Hz Dynamic Peaking and Inverse Tone Mapping enhance content to optimum peak brightness 48nit levels with improved contrast 5000:1 and without shine, while in-depth Color Mapping ensures an accurate expression of colors. Through a unique algorithm DCP technology that maintains R/G/B gradation 170° view angle and delivers precise, detail-rich hues in low-brightness indoor environments.


Stable performance and cost saving installation

The all-in-one design, Integrated Power Board including power supply, receiving card, hub board in one board, that no need external devices, which offers cost saving installation for filmmaking industry, digital filmmakers, or digital media producers. Additionaly, the High-precision die casting aluminum structure with HRC12 protection level and IP67 anti-water and anti-dust level which provides stable performance display for a long term.


Fast Operation, one-button ON/OFF

Plug-and-Play operation, remote control, TV-set user experience; Free adjustment settings: brightness, volume, color temperature, contrast, picture proportion, signal source switching, etc; Support USB and HDMI port input.

Wireless Screen Mirroring and Safe Guarantee

Multiple protection of software and hardware,from the moment of receiving the source till the actual phrase of playing the movie; The screen is still being monitored during the whole process, even when the power is off/malfunction. Monitoring data is constantly being uploaded to ensure the safety of the data as well as the screen. AET’s film screens adopted the application of internet, such as remote online operation and maintenance. Including remotely switch on/off the screen,remotely playback control and log management.All of the above technologies are here to safeguard the data, signal, screen and playback of the film.


As the brilliant color and visual effect of DCI-P3 standard in LEDs display walls, there are many more applications for LED-based XR production which outperform chroma set production. Starting with live virtual sets displayed in the LED walls so not only the audience at home can see it, but also the live audience on a physical show or event can see it.


AET QR Series Shines at Turkey
AET QR Series Shines at Turkey's 100th National Day Celebration
In a dazzling display of unity and pride, Turkey marked its 100th National Day with a celebration that will be remembered for generations. At the heart of this historic event was the stunning AET QR Series LED displays, casting a radiant light over the festivities and setting the stage for a momentous day.     Turkey's centennial celebration was a testament to a hundred years of independence and progress. This momentous occasion required a display solution that was visually striking, versatile, and efficient, and AET Display Limited rose to the challenge.   The AET's QR Series played a pivotal role at Turkey's National Day celebration. It seamlessly incorporated various features that made it stand out. Quick and easy assembly saved valuable time during event preparations. QR Series product is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental scenarios, proved to be the ideal choice for this grand celebration.       AET's QR Series doesn't just deliver a stunning display; it unlocks limitless potential for events and celebrations. It was on full display at Turkey's 100th National Day celebration, turning a historic event into an extraordinary experience. AET is honored to have been a part of this historic moment, adding its touch of brilliance to the occasion.     For those who demand excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future, AET is the partner of choice. The QR Series LED displays exemplify the remarkable technology that AET offers, and they are just one facet of the outstanding visual experiences created by this pioneering company.     AET Displays Limited remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences, and it eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys ahead and its participation in many more historic celebrations worldwide.    

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