Coretech MicroLED Displays limited aiming for higher quantity with better quality

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Coretech MicroLED Displays limited aiming for higher quantity with better quality

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As for AET, you may know that it is the main screen supplier of China’s largest official broadcasting network-CCTV. You may know that AET is in the business of QCOB, which is a comprehensive quantum dot technology product using BOB panel technology. You may know that AET is the first enterprise to promote the concept of industry definable Standardization. Behind all kinds of technologies,recognition and praise,products are needed as pillars for enterprise.Coretech MicroLED Displays Limited is here to ensure the continuous and stable production for AET.

Coretech MicroLED Displays Limited
Coretech MicroLED Displays Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AET Displays Limited. It has a "shared smart manufacturing" production base with a total area of 24000 square meters in Guangda manufacturing Liaobu Intelligent Valley Industrial Park.

Born with "quality"
Production is the artery of manufacturing and the cradle of products.Coretech displays limited share the core values with its group company-Guangdong Goguangda enterprise group which are “sincerity, passion, responsibility, openness and innovation, coordination and efficiency, pursuit of excellence, unity of knowledge and practice”.
Coretech displays limited has the following “Mandatory standards”:Accurate and prompt with IQC;Rigorous and meticulous in IPQC;Responsible for OQA;Efficiency and focusing on RMA,etc.
Every employees in Coretech MicroLED displays Limited have high standards for product produced by them,as well as for themselves to be a responsible person.This is the “Non mandatory moral”of Coretech.
"To solve the problem of quality production concept from the perspective of corporate culture, we should have a strong quality awareness, which needs to be imperceptibly buried in everyone's mind. So that product quality and control would be easier to achieve." Shubiao Xu told us.

High production with fully automatic production line
While pursuing "quality" in production, Coretech also ensure the "quantity".A pioneering demonstration for the fully automated manufacturing factory is being achieved by the new automated production line. 

High precision production workshop
Coretech has over 60 sets of high-precision equipment in operation at present,over 80 millions of lamp beads are being produced per day.
·Assembly and burn-in test, automatic and efficient production
Nearly 10000 square meters of automatic assembly and burn-in testing room, two "500 standards" burn-in testing lines.
Over 500㎡manual burn-in testing lines, and over 500㎡automatic 3D burn-in testing lines.Production data can be monitored and analyzed through the whole process with 600 automatic module burn-in testing spaces.Smart use of the space to ensure higher quality and efficient production.
· Completed operation circle with patented technologies
Patch and packaging are combined together in a completed production circle with its own patented packaging technology.

Mixing packaging technology on AOB board
Using a semiconductor automation equipment and on-board packaging technology, the lamp beads are completely sealed in the protective layer, which is waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision, and improves the reliability of the screen greatly.

Coating packaging on BOB multilayer board
The upgraded Micro spacing panel technology avoids the interference between adjacent lamp plates, so that the panel is more stable and reliable.The ingress protection grade is above IP65 with BOB technology.Products with BOB technology have wider viewing angle,better contrast ratio,the displayed pictures are more vivid and soft.
"Coretech MicroLED displays limited will become a fully automated intelligent production factory with multiple quality (including international) certifications."

MES system for easy tracking during the production
Management of enterprise,staff allocation,equipment and resources,work flow,information of product,design of the processing route,status of WIP,management of warehouse can all be traced by the introduction of the MES system.
Over 4000㎡of warehouse area, more than 9000 m³ Storage space are divided into different storage structure,with 24-hours support from MES system.
"We have considerable advantages in material preparation and storage to ensure the quality of OPM," Shubiao Xu said.

Technical support to ensure bright future
Laboratory of Coretech MicroLED Displays Limited has a R&D processing work area with 
3000㎡ and over 60 technicians.Their research involves product application,development of production equipment,process of automatic manufacturing which is also the R&D base for new materials of AET enterprise academician workstation.
Coretech MicroLED displays limited provides ODM / OPM services for customers with its highly functional supply chain,cutting edgy technologies and advanced manufacturing ability.It plays an important role in the LED display ecosystem created by AET displays limited.

AET QR Series Shines at Turkey
AET QR Series Shines at Turkey's 100th National Day Celebration
In a dazzling display of unity and pride, Turkey marked its 100th National Day with a celebration that will be remembered for generations. At the heart of this historic event was the stunning AET QR Series LED displays, casting a radiant light over the festivities and setting the stage for a momentous day.     Turkey's centennial celebration was a testament to a hundred years of independence and progress. This momentous occasion required a display solution that was visually striking, versatile, and efficient, and AET Display Limited rose to the challenge.   The AET's QR Series played a pivotal role at Turkey's National Day celebration. It seamlessly incorporated various features that made it stand out. Quick and easy assembly saved valuable time during event preparations. QR Series product is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental scenarios, proved to be the ideal choice for this grand celebration.       AET's QR Series doesn't just deliver a stunning display; it unlocks limitless potential for events and celebrations. It was on full display at Turkey's 100th National Day celebration, turning a historic event into an extraordinary experience. AET is honored to have been a part of this historic moment, adding its touch of brilliance to the occasion.     For those who demand excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future, AET is the partner of choice. The QR Series LED displays exemplify the remarkable technology that AET offers, and they are just one facet of the outstanding visual experiences created by this pioneering company.     AET Displays Limited remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences, and it eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys ahead and its participation in many more historic celebrations worldwide.    

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