Light up the Core Vision AET The 2022 new product launch conference

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Light up the Core Vision AET The 2022 new product launch conference

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At 15:00 on September 16,2021,the "AET 2022 New Product Press Conference" held by Dongguan AET Display Technology Co., Ltd.was launched on its official video channel,the official TikTok account and the cooperative network live broadcast platform on time.

During the two hours new products launching conference ,General Manager of AET Chunlei Zhao;Deputy General Manager&Chief Technical Officer and Director of Academician WorkStation of AET,Wenji Liang;Deputy General Manager of AET and General Manager of Dongguan Future Core,Shubiao Xu;Deputy general manager of AET and general manager of Shenzhen Future Core,Tao Jin;co-hosted the launching conference.
This conference attracted nearly 30,000 viewers,it brings "AET’s New Journey","Micro LED Future Technology Interpretation","QCOB standardized ‘inch’ display unit","Full inverted COB Products",and "Gold Scale Channel Module".And "High-end small distance LED display products for indoor and outdoor use".Highlights appeared frequently during the launching conference,aroused the audiences of the network layer after layer of cheering waves.Now let's experience the highlight moment of the scene and capture the wonderful flash points again!

Feel the brand new AET
Founded in 2015, AET is a high-tech enterprise under Guangdong GoGuangda Enterprise Group.It has been rated as "Guangdong LED Micro Display and Control Engineering and Technology Research Center" by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, integrating Mini/Micro LED design,research and development,production,sales and service.AET has two wholly-owned subsidiaries:Dongguan Future Core Micro Display Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Future Core Micro Display Technology Co., Ltd.

15:01:33,with the word "core" in R \ G \ B three original color displayed on the screen,AET‘s general manager Chunlei Zhao officially opened the AET 2022 new products conference.Chunlei Zhao elaborated the audience by telling them the process of AET‘s breakthrough and innovations,focusing on the technical reserves,front-end research,market layout,future development direction,also for the first time revealed some scientific research project stage,breakthrough results, such as 100 micron RGB 3D LED chip upcoming mass production,gallium nitride red chip,etc.,and emphasize the importance of "standard"."AET will continue to 'innovate', continue to 'be a different AET',to bring more new exploration to the industry,bring more forward-looking products to the consumers,and be committed to becoming a 'micro-spacing display geek'!"- -Chunlei Zhao

 Micro LED Future Technology 
AET deputy general manager,chief technical officer and AET workstation stationmaster Wenji Liang elaborated audiences through different topics such as the standard control architecture,our new photoelectric material research and development,standard architecture control IC and drive IC research and development and transmission protocol standardization,the development of new packaging technology and other innovative ideas description and practice,bring AET Micro LED future technology introduction and interpretation.

· AET standardized control architecture
Standardized control architecture is designed to solve the repeated design, poor compatibility,inconsistent interface,complex transmission,high production cost,many raw materials and devices,poor versatility,inventory backlog and other industry weakness.Standardized control architecture can achieve the exact panel and module control in different dimensions of different point spacing, in the standard 1K / 2K resolution display unit.

· New photoelectric materials research and development
2D mini QD LED chip,3D nanopillar mini LED silicon substrate chip, sapphire substrate GaN direct red light emitting technology.
At present,the sapphire substrate GaN direct red light technology sample has achieved 6.5% external quantum efficiency at 620 wavelength,and is expected to reach 20% external quantum efficiency (EQE) in the future, which will be more efficient than the existing gallium arsenide red light chip, and AET is in the leading position.

· Control IC and drive IC research & development under standard architecture
AM driver IC, PM driver IC (fourth and fifth generation product use), display module-interface IC, T con-master IC.

· Standardization of transmission protocols under the standard architecture
Hosted by AET, together with the industry association and major direct display companies,it builds the first LED direct display industry data transmission standard nationally and even internationally. AIO-defines the new transmission standard,power supply,receiving card, transfer board ALL IN ONE, with patented technology,board-to-board floating plug-in and TCON transmission to realize standardized transmission of hardware and software solidification.

· New packaging technology development
LED device package,IC package,overall module COB package.The overall packaging technology of the display module,three-color chip inversion, driving IC chip inversion,high-precision onboard,and the overall PCBA are packaged with COB process,to achieve excellent protection performance and high packaging efficiency.

 New product release
Tao Jin, deputy manager of AET and general manager of Shenzhen Future Core, analyzed the weakness of existing products.He introduced two new products, —— AT series QCOB standardized "inch" display module and gold ratio channel module to the audience with vivid and comprehensive explanations.While the characteristics of the product are concentrated on the big screen, Tao Jin does not forget to share the concepts of "born by inch", "pay attention to material selection" and "pay attention to matching degree", and once again emphasizes the importance of "standardization".

· AT Series-QCOB standardized "inch" display unit
Tao Jin said, AT series is a different from apart from the industry non-standard products, it is the industry first, using self-developed BOB micro spacing panel technology (patent) comprehensive quantum dot technology products, standardized display unit —— "inch", convenient splicing display, compatible with LCD display splicing screen bracket, generation AIO design, Simple process to improve quality, wide color DCI standard coverage, gray scale depth 16-18 bits, CNC process, high precision die casting, automotive aluminum metal process, strong overall consistency, no splicing gap, Gamma curve transformation, present delicate image details, can meet various needs, applicable for extensive uses.

· Gold ratio channel module
Gold ratio channel module, 320 * 180mm, is one of the new products of this conference, support 16:9 standard resolution, aluminum shell process, common “-” electrode, using the industry's first low gray consistency solution, gold plating injection to reduce contact impedance, display panel support QCOB, SMD, machining to achieve thin seamless splicing, the whole screen flatness is less than 0.1mm and won’t deform easily.
Shubiao Xu, deputy general manager of AET and general manager of Dongguan Future Core, appeared at the 2022 new product conference, bringing full inverted Mini/Micro LED COB products —— NX series, LED display products for high-end households.The launch of full-inverted Mini Micro LED COB product NX series echoes the measures and layout of AET to enter the future Micro LED field, and is also the premise for front-end scientific research projects. However, the small-distance LED display application field between high-end households corresponding to QR series marks that AET will be covered with LED display application field in all directions.

· NX Series-Full inverted Mini/Micro LED COB
The panel adopts the full inverted COB common “-”electrode * RGB packaging technology, that is, the full inverted structure common“-”electrode * packaging, can bring microns-level independent pixel surface display; optical film technology retaining wall sealing, no  light interference,no module effect, no need for whole screen correction; semiconductor carrier technology optimization,high protection,longer life,higher quality and stable display effect.16:9 Gold ratio, point-to-point implementation of standard resolution of 2K, common “-” electrode drive, AIO third-generation integrated system,DCI-P3 color gamut coverage display field standard,low bright and high gray,ultra-high contrast presentation,pixel spacing can be up to P0.6, to achieve "real full inverted Mini/Micro LED COB".

· QR series-LED spacing inside and outside high-end households
Adapted to immersive XR, naked eye 3D and other applications,with a variety of suitable household indoor and outdoor pixel spacing, with high IP protection level,DCI-P3 color gamut,flexible use of —— outdoor solid installation, outdoor rental, indoor rental,etc.,a variety of installation methods, easy to achieve the ideal eye-catching visual effect.

The AET 2022 new product launch conference has come to a perfect conclusion.Every highlight,every product and every technology at the conference is the result of AET's "focus" in the micro-spacing display journey.The cheers and recognition of each audience is not only an encouragement to the future journey of AET,but also a concern and hope for the entire LED display industry.In the future,AET will live up to its expectations, continue to move forward on the micro spacing display journey,to be a different AET, committed to becoming a polar pioneer of micro spacing display.


AET QR Series Shines at Turkey
AET QR Series Shines at Turkey's 100th National Day Celebration
In a dazzling display of unity and pride, Turkey marked its 100th National Day with a celebration that will be remembered for generations. At the heart of this historic event was the stunning AET QR Series LED displays, casting a radiant light over the festivities and setting the stage for a momentous day.     Turkey's centennial celebration was a testament to a hundred years of independence and progress. This momentous occasion required a display solution that was visually striking, versatile, and efficient, and AET Display Limited rose to the challenge.   The AET's QR Series played a pivotal role at Turkey's National Day celebration. It seamlessly incorporated various features that made it stand out. Quick and easy assembly saved valuable time during event preparations. QR Series product is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental scenarios, proved to be the ideal choice for this grand celebration.       AET's QR Series doesn't just deliver a stunning display; it unlocks limitless potential for events and celebrations. It was on full display at Turkey's 100th National Day celebration, turning a historic event into an extraordinary experience. AET is honored to have been a part of this historic moment, adding its touch of brilliance to the occasion.     For those who demand excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future, AET is the partner of choice. The QR Series LED displays exemplify the remarkable technology that AET offers, and they are just one facet of the outstanding visual experiences created by this pioneering company.     AET Displays Limited remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences, and it eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys ahead and its participation in many more historic celebrations worldwide.    

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